Sheaffer Targa Fountain Pen, USA, 1976 a 1980, 1004 model,  solid sterling silver, straight-line pattern, chrome plated clip and trims, full size, length capped 13.5 cm, diameter 11 mm, 14Kt gold inlaid nib, extrafine point, converter filler included, in hard case box. Used in excellent condition, light marks on the ends, no bumps, no personal engravings #2826 $USD 120
Sheaffer Targa, FP, USA (c. 1990). The model Targa was named after the italian race car Targa Florio. The Targa Sheaffer model was made in many finishes and in two sizes standard and slim between the years 1976-1999. This slim example is 23Kt gold plated, fluted pattern, closed length 13.6 cm, diameter 9 mm, 14 Kt inlaid nib, F point, fitted with the original converter. With clean cartouche for personal engraving, in Sheaffer velvet sleeve, mint or near mint #2927 $USD 100
Sheaffer 620XG, USA, c. 1960, white dot, brushed silver colour lacquered finish, gold plated clip and Florentine band, fitted with a 14ct gold recessed nib, fine point, cartridge filler (accepts international short cartridges). Near mint #3001 $USD 60
Skripsert Sheaffer 632, USA, c. 1959, tulle black enameled finish with engraved paisley pattern, gold plated clip, 14 ct gold recessed nib, fine point, cartridge filler, in leather lined metal box (some  with instructions and buying receipt. Sheaffers catalogue nº 904. Box shows some wear, pen is in excellent condition. #2565 $USD 70
Sheaffer  Feather Touch, Nº 5, USA, c. 1936, executive black, gold filled clip and band, ink window, on the barrel very crisp  imprint  W.A. Sheaffer Pen Co. Fort Madison Iowa, USA, Patente in USA original bicolor gold nib, fine point, good iridium, imprint  Sheaffer´s Feather Touch  made in USA 5, lever filling, length capped 5½, posted 6 3/16”. Excellent.#1564 $USD 80
Sheaffer balance, USA, c. 1933, grey marble, red veins, gold filled clip and band, on the barrel very crisp  imprint W.A. Sheaffer Pen Co. Fort Madison Iowa, USA, Pat. D-78.795, original gold nib, fine point, good iridium, imprint Sheaffer´s 3-25 made in USA,  lever filling, length capped 5 ½ , posted 6 1/8”. Fabulous color, excellent # 432 $USD 120
Sheaffer Triumph 440XG, brushed stainless steel cap and grey barrel, white dot on the clip, cartridge fill, inlaid 14Kt gold  nib, fine point. Used, excellent.#456 $USD 65

Sheaffer  Imperial  ballpoint and mechanical pencil set, USA, limited edition Vintage 1997, gold filled, panels with grapevine decoration, both with white dot, ball point  is clip actuated (reminder clip)  pencil is twist actuated, uses .9 mm lead. On the cap lip imprinted 12 Kt G.F. Sheaffer U.S.A.  Excellent in original presentation box.#2421 $USD 140

Sheaffer Argentina- USA, c.1960´s, chrome plated cap, pattern ofgroups of  three parallel lines, being the one in the centre  a notched line, on the cap lip imprinted Sheaffer´s Industria Argentina, steel Triumph nib, fine point, imprinted Made in USA, cartridge filling. Very good.#17 $USD 25
Sheaffer Prelude mechanical pencil, US, black lacquer, Rhodium plated clip and trims, 0.7 mm leads.#2562 $USD 40

Sheaffer ballpoint, Argentina, c. 1960, bordeaux and 18 K gold filled clip and cap, 13 cm long, gold filled trim, clip actuated ("Reminder Clip"), White Dot. Accepts current refills, you only have to swap the end for the old one fitted in. Near mint.o #1324 $USD 30

Sheaffer Imperial 777 Stylist set of FP and ballpen, c. 1966, USA, white dot, gold filled with groups of parallel lines, conical nib 14 Kt solid gold, F point, filling with cartridge or converter (included). The ballpoint is clip actuated (reminder clip). Mint, boxed. #1633 $USD 120
Sheaffer, vintage ballpoint, Argentina, c. 1960, white dot, chrome plated cap and cone, plain, green barrel, button actuated.. Mint to near mint, uses current refills.#458 $USD 15