Parker Duofold International, UK, 1990s, black onyx, raised clip feathers and raised bands, in heavy rolled gold 23 kt, bicolor 18 kt solid gold nib, arrow style, fine point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Excellent in presentation box  #2831 $USD 230
Parker Sonnet Premier Sterling Silver Cisele, France, 2001, date code U, gold plated clip and band, 18 ct solid gold nib, médium point (other sizes possible), converter or cartridge filling. Slight storage marks on barrel end, never used in original box. #2303 $USD 220
Parker 75 Place Vendome, France, c. 1968, flamme pattern, silver plate, on the cap lip imprint Parker, made in France, the logo and french hallmarks, 14 kt French nib, medium point, converter installed. Mint, never used in box #80 $USD 130
Parker 180, set of fountain pen and ballpoint or mechanical pencil with lead rechargeable refill (optional), USA, c. 1983, Gold filled with groups of parallel lines, cartridge / converter filler. It has a unique triangular nib grounded in a way that can be used both sides giving different size points (M and X). Mint, original box  #2899 $USD 170, optional lead refill $USD 15
Parker 95 Arrow pen, France, 1988, enterily 23 Kt Gold plated, fluted barrel and cap, tassies decorated with black lacque, fine nib. Mint in original box and papers, NOS. #387 $USD 85 o equivalente en $AR
Parker Arrow fountain pen, England, c. 1980´s, black matte, gold plated clip, ends and trims,  cylindrical nib, medium point , cartridge or converter (included) filling. Excellent, only the bottom of the box, no box lid. #2299, $USD 55
Parker 50 Falcon fountain pen, USA, c.1980, flighter, GF clip and trims. This is the only Parker other than the T-1 that features a large nib integrated to the section. The fine pointed nib has a ball tip which makes this pen ideally suited for either left or right handed writers. Length capped 13 cm. Cartridge or converter (included) filling. Used in excellent condition #2643 $USD 115
Parker Latitude, France, c. 2005, year code EIII, flighter , steel nib medium point, cartridge or converter (included) filling. Mint in original box. Scarce model of the long flighter saga or flighter Parkers #2920 $USD 50